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We know that you want the best possible experience when buying or selling your home. To do that, you need a partner with the right knowledge, expertise, systems, and tools to do the job.

We understand how overwhelming it can be, so our goal is to give you the experience you deserve.

Angela Perez

Google Reviews

I've had the pleasure of meeting Jill Brown and she was so lovely! She has many years of real estate experience and it shows! She is very knowledgeable and understands this every changing market!

Jennifer Eastman

Google Reviews

I had the most wonderful experience with Rachael Awad as my realtor. Rachael was with me every step of the way during one of the most difficult times in my life. She was supportive, trustworthy, and honest. Always there to answer any of my questions. I was always amazed how she went above and beyond. Thank you Rachel for everything!

Yvonne De Luca

Google Reviews

We were very pleased & satisfied with our experience with Coldwell Banker. Our agent, Karen Avenell, was second to none.

Cam Milleson

Google Reviews

My family of 5 relocated from a rural area to the suburbs, right as the beginning of the school year was happening. Even though it was tough to commute back and forth, our realtor was accommodating, flexible, knowledgeable, and so patient. By the end of our home buying experience, I felt like Carrie had become a friend. Thanks for the smooth experience.

Laura Light

Google Reviews

We sold our house like magic! Irene Ryn made the process so easy, we are recommending her to everyone. Great communication and hustle from everyone on the sell.

Chad Slayton

Google Reviews

I purchased my first home through Coldwell in Santa Maria. they made it as easy as ever. My agent, John Pilios, was excellent and knew very well the balance between wants and needs. In not too long found the house that fit exactly what I needed. As a team they are extremely responsive and don't delay in fulfilling any requests. Thanks John and Coldwell!

Jessica Carrasco

Google Reviews

I worked with Maria Cieri in 2012 when I purchased my first home. I had already enlisted a real estate agent in the process, but the agent was showing me homes out of my price range, was inflexible with showing times and felt overly pushy for a sale I couldn't afford. A coworker who happened to be buying her first home referred me to Maria. She was a breath of fresh air! Maria was patient, kind, flexible and worked within my budget. She took her time with showings, was upfront with property issues and made the buying experience seamless. I knew when it was time to sell my house Maria would be the first person I would call. I contacted Maria to put my house on the market in December of 2017, but then backed out of the sale due to extenuating circumstances. Maria was again kind and understanding of the situation I was going through. When I was finally ready to put the house on the market, Maria's skill and excellence came through in so many ways. I had a tenant living in the home and when we did a walk through of the property, the condition was less than desirable. Maria coordinated all of the work that needed to be completed through contractors. She helped with bills that were past due and became an angel when power was turned off a week before escrow was supposed to close. Maria has been nothing short of phenomenal. She has worked harder than she probably should have to see this sale through. I can't thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication. She is truly among the best and provides outstanding customer service. Above all else she is wonderful human being. I would refer Maria to anyone I know!

Tammie Ortiz-D'Amore

Google Reviews

Tina Morton gave us amazing personal service and made our home buying experience a lot less stressful. Also a big thank you to Claudia! I would definitely recommend this team!

Marti Fisher

Google Reviews

Working with Nicole Hoffman was a wonderful experience. She had so much knowledge about what needed to be done to make the process go smoothly, that I was in awe of her. I would highly recommend her to others in need of an excellent real estate broker.

Mary Celada

Google Reviews

It was a great experience working with Katherine. She is very knowledgeable and very professional. She is very helpful in finding other professionals to help with what you need. I have the utmost respect and confidence to recommend her highly to be other clients who would like to use her expertise


Google Reviews

I want to thank Mrs. Branco for making this memorable moment very transparent. From a first time buyer you ensured that all of the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed. If your looking for a true professional...Look no further!

Breanna Faulkner

Google Reviews

There aren't enough words to say just how amazing Kimberly Branco is!! Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Tulare County area, you won't be disappointed!

Cameron Georgewill

Google Reviews

Navy Federal credit union introduced me to my real estate agent, Siu Parker who made my first home purchase stress free and easy. Siu Parkers depth of knowledge and dedication to her clients is unmatched. I would recommend her to anyone looking for real estate in the Hanford/Armona/Lemoore area. I used a VA loan to purchase my home. Siu was incredibly well versed with the processes of purchasing a house using a VA Loan. She promptly liaised with NFCU and the VA on my behalf and never left me with any doubt. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to purchase a home with Coldwell Banker and Siu Parker.