Moxi Training

What is it?

MoxiWorks is a robust platform that can seem overwhelming but is actually pretty user friendly once you get familiar with it.  These training sessions will help you get to know Moxi slowly over time!

MoxiWorks is built specifically for real estate and provides benefits that go beyond the tech tools themselves.  MoxiWorks delivers a smart, cohesive, and productive workflow that truly improves an agents’ quality of life by having all the essential tools integrated and sharing data.

  • MoxiEngage – A CRM built specifically for real estate agents, so it aligns with an agent’s workflow, leverages property data, and encourages long-term lead nurturing.
  • MoxiImpress – Professional marketing tools to help agents impress their clients, reach more people, strengthen relationships and build their brand.
  • MoxiPresent – An ultra-versatile real estate presentation builder.
  • MoxiWebsites – An easy-to-use website builder for brokerage, agent and team websites

When is it?

One Thursday morning each month.  Usually the 3rd or 4th Thursday.  The exact date can be found in the quarterly training calendar!

10:30 am - 11:00 am

How do I join?